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The salestar connect Integrate Email functionality is an industry revolution, and is designed specifically to empower sales teams to sell above and beyond the constraints of traditional channels.

With the ability to design campaigns, send out emails, track responses and measure the success of e-mailer campaigns, the solution integrates with the salestar connect CRM component to draw on the benefits of a single integrated database that allows businesses to operate with un-rivaled speed and accuracy.

Tied into the first-of-its-kind mobile deal building functionality, the solution allows sales personnel in the field to create offers tailored for clients, send these offers in to managers for approval and then make a pitch to the customer. The functionality maintains control of the offer via the approval process and provides the necessary information to the sales person on any device, making selling a cost effective and efficient process.

Industry Specific Intergrated Email functionality;

The key benefits of the salestar connect Integrated Email functionality include:

  • The ability to track sent and received e-mail on one system
  • The ability to track follow up items and queries efficiently
  • Empowers sales teams to sell anywhere at any time, while maintaining management control of offers and promotions
  • Ensures good governance via approval processes that maintain visibility at Head Office
  • Efficiency controls for Retailers of all sizes, B2B businesses and Distributors

Proven Performance

The efficiencies Salestar Connect delivers are unparalleled. From real time overviews of all pending and completed items, to the effective and process driven management of all aspects of telecom businesses – Salestar Connect enhances a businesses potential exponentially, allowing customers to achieve more, sell more and save more.

Integrate Email functionality

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