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Distribution and Dealer Management software    Distribution and Dealer Management

The salestar connect Distribution and Dealer Management software solution combines incredible efficiency enhancements with unparalleled control to deliver a scalable, multi location solution designed to boost business intelligence and performance

The salestar connect Distribution and Dealer Management software solution integrates seamlessly with our Automated Commission management functionality and accurately tracks all commissions payable and owed in real time. The solution also monitors and queries discrepancies and provides overviews of payments received and paid via the Management Dashboard.

Designed to simplify complicated processes, the salestar connect Distribution and Dealer Management software solution also monitors claw-backs, volume bonuses, advance payments from networks and handset bonuses – identifying opportunities and discrepancies while eliminating duplications and errors.

The salestar connect Distribution and Dealer Management software solution also encompasses a tailor made functional component such as CRM, E-Commerce and call center functionalities that track all existing sales and sales opportunities, while allowing sales teams to carry out their own e-marketing campaigns internally. The solution also makes it possible for teams to design campaigns, build proposals and monitor success and progress in real time. Integration with the Call Centre component, allows sales teams to carry out direct calling campaigns, monitor call backs and track a sale through to completion. This best-in-class solution also boasts a Self Bill Generator that creates accurate bills internally; preventing delayed or missed bills and duplication.

The salestar connect Stock Management and Inventory Control functional components are instrumental in preventing fraud and tracing each sale through to delivery. With the ability to track via SIM and IMEI numbers in addition to phone numbers, the system ensures that the right unit reaches the customer each and every time – reducing returns and errors exponentially.

The key benefits of the salestar connect distribution solution include:

  • Centralised governance for multiple sites or a single location
  • Cloud Based solution is securely accessible anywhere and on any device
  • Best-in-class Self Bill Generator ensures timely dispatch of bills and prevents duplication
  • A revolutionary, Automated Commission Management function that ensures all owed and payable payments are tracked and reconciled, querying discrepancies and monitoring and updating in real time
  • A centralised Management Dashboard provides report generation, performance appraisal, real time Gross Profit monitoring and business development opportunities
  • Industry specific CRM functionality integrates business processes to provide multiple efficiencies
  • Stock Management and Inventory Control functionalities prevent fraud and ensures traceability and accuracy
  • A single integrated database allows sales teams to access information quickly, upsell and enhance overall sale value
  • The tailored E-commerce component provides flexibility in marketing promotions and sales
  • An industry first, the Mobile Deal Building functionality enhances sales team efficiencies and opportunities

Proven Performance

The efficiencies Salestar Connect delivers are unparalleled. From real time overviews of all pending and completed items, to the effective and process driven management of all aspects of telecom businesses – Salestar Connect enhances a businesses potential exponentially, allowing customers to achieve more, sell more and save more. .

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