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The salestar connect call centre functionality brings to bear the industry specific knowledge and expertise of the salestar connect, re-imagined to help call center businesses run with absolute efficiency. The low start-up cost solution delivers a full spectrum package that is not only scalable and cloud based, but additionally delivers real time visibility and unparalleled control.

Encompassing every aspect of a call center business, the salestar solution provides a tailored equivalent of a high-end EPOS solution that call center sales teams can use to track all aspects of a customer's needs as well as move each sale through to completion. The functionality records calls and call backs, tracks offers and promotions and integrates with the salestar connect CRM functionality to ensure that all customer information is securely stored in a centralised database, accessible at the click of a button.

It also boasts a best-in-class Self Bill Generator that creates accurate bills internally; preventing delayed or missed bills and duplication, which then moves the sale through the integrated payment gateway through to the salestar connect Stock Management and Inventory control functions that fulfills each sale - complete with shipping provider integration and traceability via IMEI, SIM or phone number tracking.

Industry Specific Call Centre functionality;

The key benefits of the salestar connect CRM functionality include:

  • Revolutionary CRM componant integrates business processes to provide multiple efficiencies
  • Low start up and infrastructure costs
  • Stock Management and Inventory Control functionalities prevents fraud and ensures traceability and accuracy
  • Shipping integration to ensure delivery and fulfillment happens faster and more efficiently
  • Safe and secure payment gateway integration to allow for seamless transactions and secure billing
  • Real time visibility of sales and revenue volume with report generation and discrepancy alerts
  • A single integrated database allows sales teams to access information quickly, upsell and enhance overall sale value
  • The revolutionary Automated Commission Management function ensures all owed payments are tracked and reconciled, querying discrepancies and monitoring and updating in real time
  • A centralised management Dashboard provides report generation, performance appraisal, real time Gross Profit monitoring and business development opportunities

Proven Performance

The efficiencies Salestar Connect delivers are unparalleled. From real time overviews of all pending and completed items, to the effective and process driven management of all aspects of telecom businesses – Salestar Connect enhances a businesses potential exponentially, allowing customers to achieve more, sell more and save more.

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