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Designed specifically for the Telecom Industry and backed by industry specific knowledge to deliver better control and visibility during the fulfillment process, the salestar connect IMEI Tracking functionality allows Retailers, Distributors and B2B businesses to manage and track fulfillment of purchases and orders efficiently – regardless of the number of units sold.

The salestar connect IMEI tracking function integrates with Stock Management and Inventory Control components to eliminate fraud and errors and minimize the time lag between finalization of sale and fulfillment of delivery.

The key benefits of the salestar connect IMEI tracking functionality include:

  • Eliminates fraud and increases traceability of deliveries and inventory
  • Simplifies inventory control and stock taking
  • Provides better visibility
  • Better trace-ability of fulfillment, repairs and returns

Proven Performance

The efficiencies Salestar Connect delivers are unparalleled. From real time overviews of all pending and completed items, to the effective and process driven management of all aspects of telecom businesses – Salestar Connect enhances a businesses potential exponentially, allowing customers to achieve more, sell more and save more.

IMEI tracking function

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